Eyecatchers Services

Professional Optometrists you can trust

Regular Optometry

Various eye tests are available, single vision spectacles, bifocal spectacles and multifocal spectacles.

Contact Lens Fittings

We specialize in various contact lens solutions and we will help with the fitting, supply and prescriptions.

Paediatric Assessments

We carry out the clinical evaluation of toddlers to identify and treat any problems with their visual acuity.

Cycloplegic Refractions

We determine a person’s complete refractive error by temporarily relaxing the muscles that aid in focusing the eye.

Eye Pathology Testing

We make use of Visual Field Screeners for glaucoma detection and monitoring as well as Corneal Topographies.

Glaucoma Screening

Recommended for men and women over 60, the Glaucoma screen detects your risk for Glaucoma.

Eyecatchers Optometrists also offer general services like:

Services depends on the branch. Please consult with your optometrists to see what services they offer.  

  • Eye examinations and prescribing of spectacles
  • Eye health examinations
  • Fundus photography (a photo of the retina)
  • Glaucoma screening with every eye examination
  • Children’s visual examinations
  • Contact lenses, including therapeutic contact lenses at selected branches, for complicated eye conditions such as keratoconus
  • Screenings for the traffic department
  • Skipper’s licences
  • Frame repairs and adjustments
  • Referrals to eye specialists if necessary