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Eyecatchers are professional eye care specialists. We will make sure that you get the best care available.

Welcome to Eyecatchers

Eyecatchers Optometrists, established in 2008, is an optometry practice that focuses on delivering clear and comfortable vision to our patients. We strive to provide high quality and personalised service. We make sure to be well stocked with all the latest designer frames from leading eyewear brands, including Adidas, Diesel, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Oakley, Prada, Ted Baker, Vogue, Lacoste and more. We also have a large selection of branded sunglasses. Our goal is to help you see your best, look your best and feel your best. We aim to be your complete eye care provider, committed to the general health of your eyes and maintaining a lifelong relationship.


Detection, Correction or Referral we will be able to accommodate you. Also, it doesn’t matter what age group you are we are able to assist regardless of your age. An eye test, however, is much more than this. An eye test is not just for those who noticed that their vision at a distance or up close is not as great as it used to be. An eye test is essential for everyone.


Instead of waiting ages in long ques, we can provide a certificate that is accepted by the licensing department. Eyecatchers Optometrists will test your eyes to make sure you are fit for your drivers license. Contact us today to find out more. Appointments are easy and testing is done in no time. Go to our branches page and see if we have an outlet near you.


Recommended for men and women over 60, the Glaucoma screen detects your risk for Glaucoma. The purpose of glaucoma screening tests is to detect those with early stage disease, so that our patients can be treated to reduce the risk of visual field loss. For patients with pre-perimetric glaucoma, screening tests are limited to the evaluation of the optic nerve and NFL.