Our optometrists provide a wide range of examinations for each person’s specific needs. General examinations include visual assessments, binocular vision assessments, ocular health assessments and eye pressure measurements. The latest technology and methods are used to ensure that the examinations are of the highest standard.


We provide child vision care for children ages 6 and up. Examinations are tailor made to suit each age-group’s needs. General examinations includes visual assessments, binocular vision assessments, ocular health assessments, colour vision assessments and cycloplegic refractions.


During the examination, the optometrist will decide if it is necessary to schedule a follow-up appointment for high-risk glaucoma patients. Discovery Vitality members are invited to have an annual glaucoma screening, with the results directly submitted to Discovery.


We closely monitor diabetic patients as they are at high risk for developing retinal deterioration. During the examination the optometrist will decide if it is necessary to schedule a follow-up appointment for each patient, depending on the severity of their disease. Our optometrists work together with hospitals and clinics in the area to ensure that each diabetic patient’s needs are specifically catered for.


Eyecatchers Optometrist group offers official driver’s license screenings in compliance with the National Road Traffic Act at all Eyecatchers branches.


Binocular vision assessment forms part of the general examination and includes an evaluation of the eye muscle function and an assessment of the capability of the eyes to perceive depth and maintain comfortable vision in high binocular strain environments.


Eyecatchers Optometrists stock a wide variety of quality and durable frame brands. Our employees are professionally trained in helping you choose the best frame for you.


Each Eyecatchers branch has a qualified optometrist to assist clients with selecting the correct lens and lens coating which will not only look good but also provide comfortable vision for daily activities.


We offer a wide range of quality eyewear brands to our patients. If we don’t have it, we will source it for you.

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